I wanted to create something that would inspire a world of airbrush artists eager to learn by giving them the absolute best possible learning resources for airbrushing.

I began my airbrush career at the tender age of 16 and was no stranger to the typical hurdles of learning this mysterious artform, from which paint to use with which airbrush combination, what PSI I needed to have my compressor set to or even which compressor to use.. I even blew up my first small silent compressor! I literally had no idea and encountered so many problems.
Once I finally got the hang of my equipment the next step was learning how to actually use the airbrush, I found it hard to stay motivated at times because of all the learning curves but there was always something small that excited me about airbrushing.

If only a resource like the Ultimate Airbrush Control course existed when I was first starting out..



The biggest turning point for me in my airbrush career is when I bit the bullet and decided to pay for my education. I could see that others were either getting better results or utilising techniques that I hadn’t heard of and I wanted in! If you want to become something in life, the best way to get ahead is to pay for your education, by way of a book, instructional tutorial or hands on course!

This digital course teaches techniques for you to become an independent artist from:

  • Shading and hand shields
  • The actual process and construction of an artwork from idea to canvas
  • How to create maximum depth
  • How to set up your image for accurate alignment
  • Reference selection
  • Reference breakdown

And while the course is aimed at all hobby and commercial artists, the techniques taught in this digital course could be applied to airbrushing 3d objects such as models and cake decorating, miniatures, dolls, equipment etc.

The course is delivered directly to your email address as a digital download, whereby you will receive all of the project files and references, your copy of the Airbrush Equipment Selection Guide – which is a 25 page PDF document detailing the necessary and recommended equipment for airbrushing, a free print and spray package to get you practising ASAP and multiple images for closer viewing of the airbrush effect examples that we go through in the course.

Images of what you’ll be creating in the digital download

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