Ultimate Airbrush Control!


To inspire and create endless possibilities..
Learn airbrush control mastery for any application! Ultimate Airbrush Control is suited to anyone with an interest in learning how to master an airbrush!



Do you know the CORRECT way to hold an airbrush for a huge increase in control?

Do you know how to create a plan of attack for airbrushing an artwork?
Do you know the 4 elements of airbrush control?
Do you know the six main airbrush effects to create any artwork?
Ever wondered how to look at a reference and know for sure that you’re airbrushing it correctly on your canvas?
Want to know how an effective line drawing is made and how to create them?
Want to create incredible life-like portraits/ artworks that you can earn money from?

whether you’re an illustration artist, a body painter, a cake decorator, t-shirt artist or doing temporary tattoos at fun fairs – anyone holding an airbrush will benefit from this.

The course starts with an introduction to the equipment to be used for this tutorial, we talk about the absolute best way to hold your airbrush for maximum control and the idea of double actioning. We move on to the four elements and airbrush control and thoroughly decipher their control over how you create your 6 airbrush effects.
This is the exact process that will allow you to correct your own mistakes and continue moving forward.
We go through a particular section of the artwork and decipher how to create a line drawing based on the 3 line types to translate the maximum information from the canvas to your brain, to the point that you will instinctively know which effect to create and where!

We talk about where to start airbrushing an artwork and the best plan of attack, to allow you to correct errors and safely build up an artwork!
We explain some of the different transfer methods and which are best to use for various applications.

After covering the fundamentals, we spend part 2 of the video course covering the artwork below in a detailed step by step process, which easily allows you to follow along at home.

This is the project artwork that you will complete in the second half of this course:

Cameron Diaz Airbrush Portrait

By the end of this course you will have the knowledge to be able to start self teaching yourself at home, with the ability to look at artworks and correct your own mistakes!
If you want to learn how to airbrush and you want to learn the correct way to achieve excellent, accurate results and master airbrush control – then this is the product for you.


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