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Frequently asked questions

I haven't received my E-mail for product download - what do I do?

Have you tried your junk and or spam e-mail folders? It’s possible that your e-mail provider has not recognised the airbrushtutor domain as a ‘safe’ address and has sent the email directly to one of these folders.
If the e-mail definitely isn’t there then please get in touch with me asap at ‘admin@airbrushtutor.com’ and I will have the problem either solved or being looked into within a day. Our main priority is to deliver your download with no hassle and as quickly as possible.

My product won't download or download failed!

Never fear! We have a couple of options to deliver content online, however if you ever have trouble downloading them the typical process is to send you a dropbox link for super reliable downloads.

Simply get in touch with myself via the contact form above or send an e-mail to ‘admin@airbrushtutor.com’ and I’ll get back to you within 24hrs or sooner. Please remember I genuinely want to help and understand! Sometimes the customer will seem a little distressed, however it is my mission to offer the best, most comprehensive online tutorials with as little fuss as possible.

Where are the free downloads?

You can find the free downloads in the footer (at the bottom of every page) and in the airbrush-store, available as free downloads!