How to Set Up an Airbrush Space!

What is required to have a complete airbrushing space setup and detailing what equipment you need, with some examples of different airbrush spaces and what people work with. There are four main requirements in order to be able to airbrush: An airbrush paints compressor somewhere to do it The biggest factor here is setting up…

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Airbrush a Space Scene

An airbrush tutorial demonstrating how to paint a space scene through effective use of translucent airbrush paints and white. For this tutorial I will be demonstrating a constructive use for transparent (or translucent) paints and how to effectively implement them. Space scenes are relatively simple to create from scratch, however you can easily follow a…

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How to Blend Color Correctly!

Learn an effective way of blending airbrush skin-tones clean and fast. Describes how to layer the colors using both opaques and transparents. Some of the most helpful advice I can offer you at this stage is this: Only ever paint a darker color in parts of the artwork that are 100% covered by it’s lighter…

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Color Wheel

Airbrush Colors!

Learn how to create an airbrushed color wheel for a better understanding of the relationships that colors have with each other. Vibrance of color is what draws the most attention to any artwork in airbrushing. Creating a detailed and technically challenging image is great, but to an on-looker who knows nothing of your craft or…

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splatter effect

The Splatter Effect!

A quick description of how to create a cool splatter effect using an airbrush and a pencil for quick but effective textures! The splatter effect is quickly demonstrated in the rock texture tutorial:The splatter effect is perhaps best known for starscape scenes using spray cans where little white dots are sprayed on a black background…

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