This is all about airbrush control, from holding the airbrush in the most beneficial way to learning how to create absolutely any effect possible.

Airbrush control exercises

Airbrush Control Exercises 2

Carrying on from the first round of the most helpful airbrush exercises, this time we cover the ‘reverse dagger stroke’ and ‘script loops’! Reverse/ Dagger Strokes This exercise is designed to teach you how to create dagger strokes and reverse dagger strokes (formerly a blending dot) at different angles. The lines on the page stay…

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Airbrush Exercises

Airbrush Control Exercises

Learn the most fundamental of all airbrush exercises. These exercises are the best practise to increase speed, control and ultimately confidence. This airbrush tutorial consists of the most useful airbrush exercises that you will ever come across. They are the most accurate representation you can get of your ability to control an airbrush. They are…

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The dagger stroke

Airbrush Effects 2

Part 2. of the airbrush effects tutorial picks up where the first effect tutorial left off by teaching you how to airbrush the dagger stroke! The dagger stroke is undoubtedly the most widely used of the airbrush effects & the end result of your artwork heavily depends on your ability to create them! Pressure! The dagger stroke is also what…

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The airbrush effects

Airbrush Effects

Learn the 5 different effects required to create any airbrush artwork! This tutorial talks about reverse dagger strokes and correct methods of blending. Would you believe that all artworks are made from only 5 different airbrushing effects? These effects make airbrushing stand alone from all other artforms. Airbrushing effects are what give you the ability to create…

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Airbrush a line

How to Airbrush a Line

Learn how to create the second most simple of all airbrush effects – how to airbrush a line! Have you perfected the first two tutorials – how to hold an airbrush & how to control an airbrush? The perfect line (also known as a pass) is created with precise timing and fluid movement. There are a few key tips which will…

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control an airbrush

How to Control an Airbrush

The most watched of the airbrushtutor tutorials – this tutorial describes the basic function of an airbrush and how to use it correctly! In this tutorial we look at the most important aspect of airbrush control – double actioning. When you use a double action airbrush the correct way, you will find that you are…

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