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Learn How to Airbrush

This is where people come to learn how to airbrush! Airbrush tutor gives an entertaining & fun approach to anybody wanting to learn this divine art form and fortunately this site sports¬†some of the most high-quality, comprehensive, free and paid online airbrush video tutorials available on the internet! How Do I Learn how to Airbrush?…

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Persistence and Airbrushing

You come across a stage in every artwork where you lose confidence and it becomes a battle to continue as you lose faith in the outcome. You don’t see a baby till it’s born, a car isn’t released until it’s built – so why do we judge our unfinished pieces? ¬† A little more persistence,…

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‘How to Control an Airbrush’ Digital Video!

Things are starting to get serious around here! The first Digital Course is in production, giving people the option to fastrack their learning and to dig deep into the airbrush pits of the underworld! Well it shouldn’t sound so hellish, the big deal is that the new Digital Course will be high definition, with much…

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One Cool Airbrush Tip!

Wrap your head around a fundamental idea, which gives you the biggest clue about how to build up and form a plan of attack for almost any artwork. *The result of a practise piece taken from the UK Airbrush Course November 2013 class project: Floating shapes are the most difficult of all airbrush effects to…

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Com-art artwork

Com-art Airbrush Paints

A review of one of the most well-known, best selling brands of airbrush paint. The Result:     A friend of mine (Kevin Cordy of the orange airbrush forum) recently handed me 2 small bottles of com-art paints. I’ve heard good things about them and they are regarded as being in the same category as…

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Free Flow Solutions

The most common cause of free flow and it’s simple solution. Free flow is the term given to describe when an airbrush is malfunctioning in the following way; as soon as you press down for air, the paint begins to flow freely – hence ‘free-flow’. You no longer have control of when the paint should…

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