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Error Correction

Error Correction

Sometimes we make mistakes (often if you’re me!) and instead of starting again we need to go through a process of error correction. To do this the best process is to get the color of the original mistake, dust it on top over the affected area to reduce it’s contrast, then if that mistake wasn’t in…

How to install a soft spring

A soft spring is a simple modification that you can install in the air valve of various Iwata airbrushes. You simply unscrew the small air-valve guide, remove the original spring and replace it with the new ‘soft spring’. What does a soft spring look like? Typical Iwata Eclipse HP-SB pictured to the right, on the…

Soft spring
single action airbrush


The two most distinguishable classes of airbrush are the double action and single action airbrush. Airbrush Tutor uses a double action and for the purpose of this website it goes against the rules to use a single action airbrush over which you have little control. Single action means pull the trigger back and in one…

The Best Airbrush Medium?

With the right type of paint flowing through the airbrush, it is possible to paint almost any surface. These surfaces can range from paper, to people, to tree bark. This is one of the strongest advantages of this modern art tool. Papers & cardboards The most common mediums for airbrushing are thick papers and cardboards.…

scrunched up paper
airbrushed shark

What is Airbrushing

The airbrush is the most revolutionary art tool ever created. Airbrushes allow you to airbrush any type of paint or dye onto any surface imaginable.

Learn How to Airbrush

This is where people come to learn how to airbrush! Airbrush tutor gives an entertaining & fun approach to anybody wanting to learn this divine art form and fortunately this site sports some of the most high-quality, comprehensive, free and paid online airbrush video tutorials available on the internet! How Do I Learn how to Airbrush?…

how to airbrush

Which Airbrush Paint Should You Be Using?

This is an overview of the different types of paints available and a very brief description of their uses within the airbrush industry. Caution: anything you breathe into your lungs besides fresh air is detrimental to your health.   Water based and solvent based are the two main types of paints used in airbrush art.…