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Watch the free tutorials for guidance on how to get started in airbrushing, equipment advice and techniques.

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Impress your friends by creating photorealistic artworks with the most  in-depth online airbrush tutorials.

The new Airbrushtutor.com

This site is designed to teach people how to airbrush. There are over 50 free airbrush video tutorials on the airbrushtutor Youtube channel and many of them accompanied by text tutorials at this site.
The aim is to give people a friendly introduction to airbrushing and to aid those who are considering learning this modern artform.
The site has a few main features, the blog, tutorials pages and shop. The blog shows the latest news and ramblings about the airbrush world, the tutorials pages are strictly for learning and the shop gives people the opportunity to learn the most advanced airbrushed techniques, with a focus on realism, to be able to create any artwork.
If you’re a beginner and want to learn from scratch, then head over to the tutorials pages and go through the tutorials. There is no particular order, just watch what you find entertaining and everything will be covered.
If you consider yourself a more advanced airbrush artist, perhaps you’ve done a course or two, then why not get an introduction into the most advanced techniques by taking on some ProTutorials.

Either way I hope you get alot out of the site and spread the love with your like-minded airbrush buddies.